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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology

Career & College Ready Initiatives

CAVIT College and Career Patheay initiatives. Career Display Project, Career Speaker Forum, CAVITCon, CollegeCon, CareerCon, ConsumerCon, CustomerCon, CPR Certification, OSHA Certification

Career Display Project

CAVIT's career display project is another first semester project where students collaborate in a team of two to research a career and complete a presentation board with job information and pictures. Once the board is complete, students present their findings before an industry panel for five minutes. We display all boards for students to choose the coveted "CAVIT Board Favorite" award.

      Career Speaker Forum Project

      CAVIT's career speaker forum project is a first semester activity where students collaborate in teams of two to effectively confirm, manage, and evaluate a guest speaker for their program class. Students attend a one-day professional development training where they are taught how to conduct a cold call, confirm an appointment, dress for the activity, greet the speaker and introduce them to the class, and ask questions at the conclusion of the presentation. This is a required activity for all first year students.

          ConsumerCON Event

          All CAVIT students will participate in a hands-on budgeting simulation that trains about saving, prioritizing, credit cards, predatory lenders, and much more. Through a reality fair format, financial planning volunteers will use their experience to guide students towards a successful future!

          CautionCON Event

          As one of CAVIT's schoolwide initiatives, all first-year students complete OSHA training. Through this professional development event, students rotate through teacher-created safety awareness scenarios identifying work-related hazards. This event is to address the work-related injuries and illnesses among 16–24 aged workers.

          CAVITCON Event

          Each first year student will participate in a professional development event that features a kickoff conference speaker and sessions led by industry professions showcasing career pathway information, as well as technology innovations found in each of our eight training programs.

          CustomerCon Event

          Students participating in our campus wellness clinics receive a unique professional development training designed to increase customer service skills. Students attend sessions put on by industry professionals who provide guidance and expertise on providing outstanding client and patient services.

          CollegeCON Event

          All students will participate in a professional development event that brings college representatives onto our campus to promote post-secondary opportunities. Students hear from a motivational speaker and then choose workshops based on their college interests.

          Passion Board Project

          Each second year student will develop a visual display that highlights their academic achievements, future plans, and accomplishments. The display will serve as an introduction to potential employers. This board will be used to showcase students at an upcoming CAVIT reverse job fair. Students will be evaluated on the display and their ability to present themselves professionally and communicate the passion board information to their classmates.

          CareerCON Event

          A reverse job fair is offered to advanced students where they stand next to tables with resumes while prospective employers look to find who offers the most for their company. Employers have the option of inviting students to formal interviews at a later date in addition to offering entry-level employment.