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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology

Emergency Notification System

We are pleased to announce that CAVIT will begin using a notification system called School Messenger to best serve you with timely information about school emergencies. In the event of an emergency, you will receive a phone call, email and/or text with important information. Additional School Messenger features to follow later this school year may include notifications regarding absences, student safety, and special events.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. Is there anything I need to know or do now to receive emergency notifications?

A. When you complete registration this school year, your contact information will be uploaded into our student information system (School Master). If you change your phone number(s) or email address at any time, please contact the front office at (520) 423-1944 to update your information to ensure that you will receive notifications.

Q. Can I have emergency notification text messages on my cell phone?

A. Yes…but you must opt in. If you provided a cell phone number when you enrolled at CAVIT, an opt in invitation will be sent to you. If you don’t receive the opt in text, or if you received the text but didn’t reply at that time to opt in to receive emergency notification texts on your cell phone, you can still opt in.

Q. Will School Messenger be used to notify me about other important information besides emergencies?

A. Plans for future parent outreach using School Messenger may include notifications about absences, special school events, and school/program news. Please note, however, that School Messenger is not intended to replace current modes of communication.

Q. Can I find out more about School Messenger?

A. Yes! To find out more about School Messenger, please visit their website at