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CAVIT’s Internship Opportunities Through Industry Partners

Group of interns

Internships are making a comeback at Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology (CAVIT)! Off-campus technical training through CAVIT’s industry partner sites is one of the school's great perks. Last school year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability for students to intern at these sites took a pause. This school year, the opportunity to intern is back!

CAVIT’s CTE Coordinator, Kansas Olson, is a key component in helping students set up their internships. When it comes to connecting students with the respective industry partner sites, Ms.Olsen says, “We have enough industry partners to fill all the spaces. We will always find a spot for anybody if they want to go.” 

Rylie, who is in her first year of the veterinary assisting program, is one such student. Rylie has aspirations of one day becoming a veterinary surgeon. Rylie has already started volunteering at Pinal County Animal Control. Once she enters her second year, Rylie will transition her volunteer work into an internship! 

The benefits associated with this opportunity are not lost on Rylie. She says, “I am mainly excited about setting up my future and just getting on the right path straight away. I am also excited about working with animals!” She continues, “Plus, getting to know people who have been in the field for a long time is helpful.”

As a first-year student who has already built up a portfolio of experience, Rylie offers these wise words to her fellow peers, “Get involved as soon as you can. Volunteering has taught me so much more about being hands-on. I really recommend volunteering!” She continues, “Always push yourself. When you think there is too much to learn there is more. Just keep pushing yourself.”

Another student who has much knowledge to share regarding internships is Angela, who is in her second year in the dental assisting program. With the help of CAVIT, she has lined up an internship at Promenade Smiles in Casa Grande for the Spring of 2022. 

Angela’s friends originally drew her to the dental program, but from there, it rapidly grew into her own passion. She noticed that this new passion of hers was positively impacting many areas of her life. She says, “Dental [assisting] has made me a better communicator. It helped me come out of my shell.” 

Angela proceeded to talk about the new skills she will gain through her internship and the goals she plans to implement. This second-year student is motivated by improving her skills, gaining experience, and cultivating professional connections.

CAVIT’s industry partner sites are a true benefit to the students. They provide authentic hands-on training while simultaneously being a fun out-of-classroom experience. 

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