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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology
Drone flying through air, Young drone pilot flying drone

Our Drone Technology Program for 2025–2026

Program Highlights

  • Build, program, and fly high-tech drones to perform data-gathering missions.
  • Work with clients and industry leaders on mission planning, flight operations, and analysis.
  • Apply emerging technologies in agriculture, public safety, marketing, engineering, and surveying.

Career Focus

  • Upon successful completion of the one year course, students have the opportunity to apply for unmanned pilot, CPR, and OSHA general industry certifications.

Listing of Instructional Topics

  • Aerospace History
  • Airframe Systems
  • Airport Operations
  • Aviation Regulations
  • Decision Making Process
  • Flight Planning
  • Fundamentals of Flight
  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Meteorology
  • Navigational Systems
  • Power and Electricity
  • Safety in Aviation

Remote Pilot Entry Level Salary Range*

  • Hourly: $15.96–$23.28
  • Annual: $33,190–$48,420

*Source - Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment & Wages

Related Career Pathways

  • Airline Pilot*
  • Astronaut*
  • Building Inspector*
  • Crop Duster Pilot*
  • Drone Videographer
  • Flight Operations Lead*
  • Life Flight Pilot*
  • Military Personnel
  • Meteorologist*
  • Real Estate Photographer
  • Survey and Map Technician

*with additional education in this field.