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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology

Career Training Programs

Our career programs prepare students for highly skilled technical occupations while potentially earning free college credits and industry certifications.

Automated Industrial Technology students working at a table

Automated Industrial Technology

Invent, design, and produce solutions for complex engineering challenges using mathematics, science, and technology.

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Two female students in front of presentation

Behavioral Health

Work on the front lines of hospitals, shelters, and mental health facilities to make a difference for struggling individuals.

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Female construction worker looking at blueprints

Construction Technology

Work alongside industry professionals in all aspects of construction including carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, and finishing.

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Dental student working on a patient

Dental Science

Perform a wide range of dental office operations including x-rays, chair-side assistance, instrument transfer, and preparation of teeth impressions.

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Three students outside in yellow safety vests flying a drone

Drone Technology

Build, program, and fly high-tech drones to perform data-gathering missions.

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Electric vehicle at a charging station

Electric Vehicle

Diagnose, repair, and maintain a wide range of hybrid vehicles alongside an ASE Master Technician.

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Two student outside using a fire hose

Fire Science

Experience the thrill of saving lives and fighting fires.

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Two student practicing how to style and cut hair


Express individual creativity by providing a wide range of hair and color services.

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Two student learning cpr

Law Enforcement

Examine the critical roles of dispatch, corrections, forensics, rehabilitation, and probation in the criminal justice system.

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Massage therapy student practicing on a patient

Massage Therapy

Manage a full-service spa offering chair, hot stone, prenatal, sports, and Swedish massages.

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Two students using a ear thermometer

Medical Science

Perform medical office operations and deliver vital care services including blood draws, injections and assisting in minor office surgeries.

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Student using a stethoscope on another student

Patient Care

Perform personal care procedures including taking vital signs, transferring patients, and providing therapeutic treatments.

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Two students measuring medication materials

Pharmacy Science

Prepare prescriptions by measuring, weighing, mixing, and compounding medications.

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Teacher showing student how to use equipment

Physical Therapy

Use sports-specific training, injury recognition, and physical therapy to prepare and rehabilitate the physically active.

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Students caring for a cute dog on the examination table

Veterinary Science

Experience the reward of saving and caring for animals.

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Hand holding welding equipment

Welding Technology

Manipulate the power of fire and electricity to design and construct the metal products people use every day.

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