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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology

Emergency Response Plan

This plan focuses on potential emergencies to our area and how CAVIT, with the collaboration of first responders, will respond. Parents can help by keeping informed and having current emergency contact information on hand in your child's file.

Types of Emergency Responses

  • Fire Drills: Evacuation on campus; each classroom has a designated route.
  • Lock-down: Students and staff locked inside classroom until the threat is no longer present.
  • Evacuation: Off campus-relation sites to remain confidential - CAVIT will use School Messenger notification to disseminate parent/community information.
  • Reverse Evacuation/Shelter in Place: Utilizing safe places on campus for shelter including multipurpose room and classrooms as examples.

Student Release Procedure in an Emergency

  • In the event of an emergency situation on campus, your child will either be on campus, placed on the home school bus, or evacuated off campus. In each of these situations, it is imperative that you follow the direction provided on the emergency notification alerts through School Messenger. The alerts will update with student release information as soon as it is available.
  • When picking up your child, prepare to show identification. We will verify the identity of anyone picking up your child with information in our system with regard to approved contacts. Our goal for either keeping students on campus or evacuating to another site is to keep students safe. Parents or guardians should be patient with the student release process.

How Parents or Guardians Can Help

Please make sure the contact information for you and emergency contacts is accurate! You can verify contact information with our school office by calling (520) 423-1944.