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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology
physical therapists working on patients

Our Physical Therapy Program

Program Highlights

  • Use sports-specific training, injury recognition, and physical therapy to prepare and rehabilitate the physically active.
  • Diagnose, prevent, and rehabilitate injuries by using advanced techniques while consulting and interacting with medical professionals.
  • Work with certified athletics trainers as well as fitness and healthcare professionals to assist with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Career Focus

  • Prepared for state licensure, immediate employment, and further education.

Entrance Requirements

  • Desire to work in the healthcare field.
  • Students should have an interest in client care.
  • Steady physical activity is required and may consist of walking, standing, and assist in moving clients and/or equipment.

Related Career Specialties

  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Physical Therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Chiropractor Assistant
  • Massage Therapist
  • Athletics Trainer
  • Physical Training
  • Ergonomics Specialist
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Wellness Consultant

Program Length

  • This program is designed to be completed in two years. CAVIT will award a certificate of completion to students successfully completing the two-year program.