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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology

Our Service Learning Program

Our Service Learning program provides students with an opportunity for hands-on experience, community service, and interaction with community leaders.


CAVIT students will work in partnership with business professionals to educate and serve residents of Pinal County, with special attention to those under-served populations.


Students will use their CTE skills to plan and coordinate a community wellness service project that enhances the health and well-being of community residents.

Community Focus Area

This year the service learning project will:

  1. Provide community wellness activities designed to increase participants’ mental, physical and social needs.
  2. Build a working relationship between CAVIT and business professionals to enhance the well-being of community residents.
  3. Introduce students to workplace skills to help prepare them for employment.


This is the fourteenth year that CAVIT has delivered a service-learning component to our community.